The modern Nursery


We are driven by the idea of a modern nursery! The idea of combining the experience that we have gradually gained over generations with the latest technologies and innovative, contemporary concepts, and of continually expanding upon it.

With care, responsibility and reliability. 

We want to meet the diverse requirements that our customers face today and in the future through contemporary service options, modern cultivation systems and future-proof plants. Examples include our webshop, the RESISTA® elms and our ALLEEGRO® trees

Our optimised cultivation, procurement and logistics network enables us to offer you perfectly tailored, rapid and solid solutions for all projects. Even in the case of the most demanding requirements, we can provide you with reliable services in the shortest of time.

To enable you to precisely plan your projects and ensure that the trees to grow reliably regardless of the location and season, we furthermore offer you an extraordinarily broad range of high-quality container plants.


We are your modern and motivated partner!


Our Products & Services

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Landscape architects, public sector clients and gardening and landscaping companies will find all of the plants they need to implement their planting projects. Our unique concept: we focus on container plants to guarantee reliable growth and release you from location and season-related restrictions.

Unique planning security

As an innovative German company, we can guarantee that your plants will arrive safely and on time, and that they will grow reliably. Our unique concept enables you to make firm plans.

Prunus serrulata Burgundy

Complete range

From exclusive trees in high-tech soil to conventionally-produced outdoor plants: discover our first-class range of high-quality plants.

Reliable service

On a total area of 40 hectares our 50-person team ensures that more than 4 million plants find satisfied owners each year. We’re here to help – day and night!


Container Trees from Clasen & Co

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Our container trees are the perfect solution for anyone looking for planning reliability. Produced using the innovative ALLEEGRO® procedure, our avenue trees and high trunks flourish reliably even in difficult locations. ALLEEGRO® trees can solely be obtained from us or our partner nurseries.

The concept

We exclusively select high-quality saplings for our ALLEEGRO® procedure. This production technology has been specially developed by our company and offers the trees benefits during the establishment phase and greater strength. Key elements of this technology are the new ALLEEGRO® soil, which ensures an optimum supply of nutrients, and an innovative pruning technique. Within two years, we grow young trees that establish themselves exceptionally well even in extreme locations.

More information about the key features of the Clasen & Co container trees is available here...

The advantages

All elements of our container trees are perfectly coordinated and build on one another. You obtain through and through healthy trees with optimally developed, full and intact roots and healthy growth behaviour.

Reliable service

Our customers confirm to us the extraordinary reliability with which the ALLEEGRO® container trees have established themselves, and that they continue to develop positively and without problems after planting.

Bildbrenner Containerbäume

Our Team

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Reap the benefits of our expertise! Our team of 50 trained experts guarantees the highest standard of production and service. Professional and personal consultation is as important to us as the excellent quality of all our plants.



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More than 3.500 items, quick cost checks, complete transparency and reliable delivery:


This webshop offers an exceptional range of plants and information to meet all of your gardening and landscaping needs. As Germany’s most innovative nursery, we also deliver the largest range of container plants in the country.



Your advantages

Simply put together the plants that you need for your project and receive an immediate overview of the prices and conditions. This enables you to swiftly create quotations for your customers.

We guarantee complete cost transparency. The prices of our products are shown in full; there are no additional costs.

We deliver within 5 business days.

Our clients

COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS: public clients, gardening and landscaping companies and landscape architects. Add your list of plants to the shopping cart for an immediate price quotation or to order directly – any time of day and night.

PRIVATE CUSTOMERS: private customers can also gain an overview of our high-quality plants. Simply put together your wish list in our webshop and send this directly to the landscaping company of your choice.



Projects and References

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Reliable quality is our trademark. Our customers therefore remain loyal to us for many years. Check out our excellent services for yourself. Examples and customer opinions can be found under ‘References’. For comprehensive image materials in relation to reference projects, go to ‘Media’ or click here...