Ulmus RESISTA® - Elms with a future

RESISTA® elms are robust and vigorous all-rounders that stand up to Dutch elm disease. Our nursery is one of the few in Europe that is allowed to grow and market RESISTA® elms.



Ulmus RESISTA® - trees for every location


They are all characterised by robustness and vigour, but the unique advantage of RESISTA® elms is their resistance to Dutch elm disease – the main reason for their steadily increasing popularity among users and end customers alike. The RESISTA® range offers exceptional locational tolerance and appearance diversity with vigorous varieties which can meet almost all requirements. 



We offer you 6 disease-resistant varieties


Schlank und elegant. Mit durchgehendem Leittrieb und seitlich aufstrebenden Ästen auch ein Baum für Standorte mit weniger Raumangebot.

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New Horizon

An all-rounder for an extremely wide range of locations. Its robustness and tolerance make it a “modern urban tree”.

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Slender, very upright elm that has proven itself in wind, weather, road traffic and on poor soils. It is being replaced by the “Fiorente” variety.

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A real all-rounder with slightly smaller leaves but suitable for a broad range of locations. It can also tolerate sites that flood intermittently.

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The foliage, which is bright and lively right up to the tip, makes this somewhat smaller RESISTA® Elm appear very light and vivid.

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A highly resistant pure field elm with typical deeply structured bark on the trunk, branches and young twigs.

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Why choose RESISTA®?

RESISTA® elms are tried and tested.
Their resistance to Dutch elm disease is regularly checked by means of infection tests. Cultivation from the trees’ own roots prevents any incompatibility with rootstock.
RESISTA® elms are undemanding.
These elms are able to deal with even extreme conditions. They flourish in soil that is poor in nutrients and humus, light and dry, as well as in heavy, dense and poorly aerated soils and even sealed areas and soil on cliffs, rocks and rubble. RESISTA® elms are stable, hardy and wind and frost resistant. They also tolerate damp locations and intermittent flooding.
RESISTA® elms are low maintenance.
Corrections in the crown area are hardly ever necessary. The leaves decompose very quickly, the fruit is small and no honeydew is produced. Minor damage is quickly covered over.
RESISTA® elms offer reliable quality.
All propagation is performed in Darmstadt, Germany. All varieties with the RESISTA® trademark have been tested and recorded in the EU catalogue of varieties. The plant variety rights are held by Eisele GmbH & Co KG of Darmstadt. All RESISTA® elms have a special variety label and are delivered with an implanted microchip. An authenticity certificate is attached to each delivery.


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