Clasen & Co container trees

We are experts when it comes to container trees! With the self-developed ALLEEGRO® cultivation method, we produce perfect avenue trees and high trunks for the benefit of our customers.



Ability to plant irrespective of the season and supply availability - these are the most obvious reasons for using container trees. But handling is also easier. For gardening & landscaping, this means maximum flexibility and reduced workload for all plantings.


Unrestricted planting periods

ALLEEGRO® trees can be planted at any time of year. As long as there is no frost or extreme heat, you can plant our container trees at any time of year. This significantly extends the planting period, even for species that are difficult to transplant, such as oaks and birches.

ALLEEGRO® trees can be delivered at any time.

ALLEEGRO® trees are not dug up so do not lose any fibrous roots and do not need to be prepared for summer planting. They are therefore available for planting at any time of year, even at short notice.

Cost savings during planting
ALLEEGRO® trees are easier to transport.
The volume weight of the ALLEEGRO® soil is 40% lower than that of balls of earth. This makes the trees easier to transport, protects the trunk and reduces the mechanical and physical workload.
ALLEEGRO® trees are easy to plant.
Separate the root balls from the container, lightly slice the sides several times and place in the tree pit – done! You neither have to cut the roots nor immerse the root balls in water to moisten them. This makes planting simple, quick, and efficient.
Calculable amount of maintenance work
ALLEEGRO® trees tolerate dry spells.
The ALLEEGRO® soil has an excellent ability to store water and offers the tree a reliable supply of moisture even in periods with little rain. It is furthermore very easy to re-dampen.
The ALLEEGRO® soil minimises waterlogging.
Thanks to its balanced composition, the ALLEEGRO® soil drains particularly well, reducing the risk of waterlogging in the root area.
Shorter establishment phase

ALLEEGRO® trees grow quickly and reliably.

The structure of the ALLEEGRO® soil vastly reduces granular breakage. This means that the roots of ALLEEGRO® trees grow perfectly and without resistance into the surrounding soil, penetrating it evenly.

ALLEEGRO® trees establish themselves in extreme locations.

The ALLEEGRO® soil has a very high air content and excellent water permeability. This guarantees good growth, even in complicated urban conditions. Because the roots quickly and evenly grow into the surrounding soil, the trees swiftly become stable even in extreme locations.
Clearance level quickly reached

ALLEEGRO® trees can be pruned at an early stage.

Thanks to our innovative pruning method, the tree is prepared in such a way that pruning only leaves small wounds and the nutrient supply to the crown is never restricted. We therefore enable easy pruning at an early stage without disturbing the ALLEEGRO® trees’ active and healthy development. The trees therefore reach the desired clearance level more quickly than with other types of establishment pruning.

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