Lisebjerg Park, Göteborg

Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg

Clasen & Co can supply us with all the plants I need, as and when I need them – whether in summer or winter. They are flexible when it comes to delivery, but always deliver ‘just in time’!

Thomas Dahl, Gardener
Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg, Sweden

Francoper Hügel

Botanization of the "Francoper Hügel" silt landfill on the edge of the Hamburg harbor

It is no longer rare for us to still be planting roses in the early summer. The broad range of container plants available from Clasen & Co enables us to consistently offer our client high-quality products at any time of year.

Veronica Borchert
ALPINA Service GmbH, Berlin


Eklander, Sweden

For us, ALLEEGRO® container trees are an innovative solution for many of our planting projects. Good quality and logistics services make Clasen & Co a valued supplier of plants for our landscaping projects on Funen and across Denmark. Cooperation and quality go hand in hand.

Bjarne & Karsten Green
Green Anlæg ApS, Langeskov

Sankt Annæ Plads

Sankt Annæ Plads, Copenhagen