High-quality plants

Our range of container trees is like no other in Europe. All trees are cultivated in accordance with our own innovative ALLEEGRO® process and are therefore extremely resilient, easy to care for and stable regardless of location. Of course, we also deliver all trees in root balls. Our range also includes: all common deciduous and evergreen trees, climbing plants, conifers, shrubs and special varieties for plant enthusiasts, from open ground or container production.


You can view our comprehensive product range in printed format and online.





Planning security

The reliable solution for green projects: healthy plants – cut by experts and produced with innovative technology.

  • All plants in our range meet the highest requirements at fair prices.
  • Thanks to forward-looking production methods, replanting is less frequently required with our trees – saving time, effort and money!
  • We are the only nursery in Germany to focus on container trees. With the exception of periods of frost, these can be planted at any time of year. Your project determines the planting date! Container trees are easier to transport – preventing transportation damage and simplifying handling activities!




ALLEEGRO®: our brand

Container trees from Clasen & Co are cultivated in accordance with the innovative ALLEEGRO® process. An extensive long-term test provided proof of the superiority over other planting methods. Trees from the ALLEEGRO® range are exclusively available from our nursery or partner companies.



The RESISTA® elm: tree of the future

The RESISTA® elm is resistant to elm disease and therefore ideal for roadsides and parks. We are one of the few specialist companies in Europe with permission to grow and market RESISTA® elms. We offer 6 disease-resistant varieties:

Fiorente | New Horizon | Regal | Rebona | Rebella | Reverti

Why Choose RESISTA®?

  1. RESISTA® elms are tried and tested.

    Their resistance to Dutch elm disease is regularly checked by means of infection tests. Cultivation from the trees’ own roots prevents any incompatibility with rootstock.

  2. RESISTA® elms Are undemanding.

    These elms are able to deal with even extreme conditions. They flourish in soil that is poor in nutrients and humus, light and dry, as well as in heavy, dense and poorly aerated soils and even sealed areas and soil on cliffs, rocks and rubble. RESISTA® elms are stable, hardy and wind and frost resistant. They also tolerate damp locations and intermittent flooding.

  3. RESISTA® elms Are Low Maintenance.

    Corrections in the crown area are hardly ever necessary. The leaves decompose very quickly, the fruit is small and no honeydew is produced. Minor damage is quickly covered over.

  4. RESISTA® elms Offer reliable Quality.

    All propagation is performed in Darmstadt, Germany. All varieties with the RESISTA® trademark have been tested and recorded in the EU catalogue of varieties. The plant variety rights are held by Eisele GmbH & Co KG of Darmstadt. All RESISTA® elms have a special variety label and are delivered with an implanted microchip. An authenticity certificate is attached to each delivery.


Reliable service

Our team is made up exclusively of experts and specialists, who have high standards in regards to quality. Plants are only allowed to leave the nursery after strict inspections have been completed. Our complaint rates are well below average.

  • We provide all plants from a single source, resulting in less logistical work and greater time savings for you.
  • All deliveries are pre-sorted by construction project – saving time and conserving the plants.
  • We are only too happy to visit you. A personal contact and cooperation has proven to increase project efficiency.
  • We will provide a service manager who knows and supports your project from the beginning.
  • Our service for international customers: our employees are multilingual! Correspondence takes place in your native language.